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Grease Interceptors

Wieser Precast Steps’ Grease Interceptors provide a dependable solution for businesses striving to meet local regulations and uphold environmental responsibility. Constructed with high-strength concrete for enduring structural integrity (including H20 traffic load rated tanks), our grease interceptors ensure reliability in demanding environments. Additionally, our interceptors feature a design that facilitates easy installation and maintenance, streamlining the process for businesses. To enhance protection against the corrosive atmosphere within grease interceptors, we incorporate Xypex or equivalent, a crystalline admixture, in every unit we produce. Available in capacities tailored to diverse requirements, our Grease Interceptors effectively cater to the needs of various commercial establishments, including restaurants, food processing facilities, and industrial kitchens.

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Sand/Oil Separator

Our Sand/Oil Separators also feature the same high-strength precast concrete construction, ensuring reliability and durability under H20 traffic loads. Whether deployed in industrial settings, parking lots, or commercial properties, our Sand/Oil Separators effectively captures sediments and hydrocarbons, preventing their release into water bodies and aiding compliance with environmental regulations. Moreover, the design of our Sand/Oil Separators prioritizes ease of installation and maintenance, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Choose Wieser Precast Steps for dependable Sand and Oil Separators that prioritize environmental protection and regulatory compliance without compromising on performance.

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