Concrete Grade Rings


Reinforced concrete grade rings are used to raise manhole access up to grade so when casting is put on the manhole access it is flush with top of pavement.  Wieser Precast Steps has the following sizes available:

27” ID Round with heights of 2”,4”,6” and 12”

24” ID x 36” ID Rectangular with heights of 2”, 4”, 6”, 12”, and 18”

Dsc 7151 Headers


Headwalls are used to direct flow of water, reduce erosion, protect vulnerable pipe ends, and visually identify pipes along roads.  Wieser Precast Steps manufactures a 4” headwall that serves this purpose.


Wieser Precast Steps inventories an assortment of cast iron manhole covers and grates that are used for Grease Interceptor, Sewer, Storm water, etc. access.  If Wieser Precast Steps doesn’t have the casting that you are looking for they can order it for you.

Drain Cover CastingSewer Casting

Drain Field Chambers

Drainfield Chambers

Plastic septic chambers are engineered for strength and performance, easy to install, and have greater design flexibility(including smaller footprint) as compared with stone and pipe systems.  The advantages of chambers add up to cost savings on labor, materials, and time savings on the job.  Wieser Precast Steps is a distributer of the Infiltrator brand of chambers and has the Quick-4 Low Profile and the Quick-4 Standard chambers readily available.

Dsc 7284

Effluent Filters

A septic tank outlet effluent filter protects the onsite septic system by filtering effluent as it leaves the septic tank, preventing solids and particulate matter from leaving the septic tank and clogging the soil absorption field.  The continued use and maintenance of the effluent filter protects the investment that you have in the soil absorption field.  Wieser Precast Steps has the Polylok 525 and the Polylok 122 effluent filters along with the SimTech Bristle filter readily available.

Stair Railings


At Wieser Precast Steps, we offer top-quality custom railings designed to enhance both safety and style. Our expert craftsmanship ensures durable, aesthetically pleasing solutions for any project. Choose Wieser Precast Steps for exceptional railings that combine functionality with elegance.

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